Square Dance Lessons Begin January 9, 2020


 Monica Allen



Here are a couple of definitions to calls you may already know!


Dance action: Walking a smooth circular path, dancers walk forward, passing right shoulders, slide sideways to the right, walk backwards, passing left shoulders, and slide slightly to the left to return to their starting position.

ALLEMANDE LEFT​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Dance action: Dancers holding left arms or facing dancers Arm Turn by the left at least 180 degrees until the men are facing promenade direction and the women are facing wrong way promenade direction. Step Thru.


Dance action: As a unit, each couple walks in a circular path around the center of the set.




Dance action: Dancers join hands with adjacent dancers to form a circle and move the circle in the indicated direction, or to the left if no direction was given. The amount to circle may be a specified distance (e.g., Circle Left 1/2 Way) or until the next command is given (e.g., Circle Left ... Circle Right).


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